Monday, November 2, 2015

Holy November

I can't believe it's been over three months since I've written or posted anything. There isn't a whole lot of couch surfing these days, but travel, life and living are a full and colorful as ever. It's fall. The kids are at college and will be home soon for break and Jack is almost seven months old. I made the decision to extend my maternity leave. Being able to wake up with my little dude every morning smiling and ready to cuddle has been an absolute awesome gift that I am so profoundly grateful for.
Being a mom to an infant who is absolutely dependent upon you for everything has proven to provide some of my all time greatest life lessons. It's a pretty awesome thing and I'm in awe of the title 'mom' and how truly rad it is. I've learned to get ready in about 3.2 minutes, manage to have all forms of spit up somehow blend into my clothing and even conquer putting on diapers when little man is twisting and twirling in a million directions. The challenge is on and it's a great one. Next step, preparing for the little dude to take his steps as he's already squirming and crawling in a way that ensures that he has no intentions of sitting still. Bam! 

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